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Fall Boot Guide



Few of you have asked me to suggest good boots which actually made me realize that I didn’t do any shoe post this season like I did for summer and fall last year. So, thank you for reminding me. Here are all my favorite fall boots that are both comfortable and trendy. I tried to pick them in different style from peep tote, to pointed Chelsea to wedge style. The first collage has all my favorites- the color, style and cut is timeless. I absolutely love these frye boots in dark brown. I have been dreaming them for a year now and finally bought them in Nordstrom anniversary sale and used all my rewards :). Good thing is they are still on sale.

These boots have a rustic cow girl and vintage feel to them and they go pretty well on any color and style. I like the traditional half-moon cuff  boots over straight cuff as they don’t make you look that short compared to the straight cuff ones. This might sound absurd or true to you but It’s something I’ve realized after trying them in both styles.

Until last year, Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman where my favorite brands when it comes to boots but this year Marc Fisher has stole the show for me, I love their intricate details like this pointed Chelsea boots and the comfort is just beyond amazing. I have this Dolce Vita black otk’s in tan and black for almost 2 years now, they are my favorite and I wore them here, herehere and here



1. FP Snake print booties | 2. Marc Fisher chelsea booties (on sale) | 3. Marc Fisher Fringe peep toe

4. Frye riding boots (dark brown; also love this) | 5. Dolce Vita black otk (half prince, also love in tan color)

6. Hunter rain boots | 7. Marc Fisher pointed heel booties

8. Vince Camuto peep toe booties | 9. Kenneth Cole wedge booties (Jack rogers dupe)

10. Dolce Vita Tan booties (also available here; love these) | Jefferey Campbell lace up booties

Few more



Here are some of the best boots under $50. I tried by best to find the most comfortable and good looking ones as it is really difficult to find the comfy ones for lesser price. The riding boots are my favorite in the list, the color and buckle detail is very rich. I also like this cut out tan booties and the grey pointed chelsea old navy booties.



1. Snake print booties ($55 actually; comes in 9 different colors) | 2. Old Navy grey suede booties | 3. Olive suede booties

4. Riding boots (also comes in black) | 5. Black suede otk (also comes in tan)

6. Rain boots (love the color combo) | 7. Pointed heel booties (want these)

8. Dolce vita Fringe Peep toe | 9. Wedge booties

10. Tan booties (love the cutout detail) | 11. Peep toe booties (this color is a must; also love this)

Few more

I hope you find something you are looking for. You can always request a blog post or ask me any question by filling this form.

Thank you for writing to me and encouraging me to keep working hard!

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  • I would like to get some fun rain boots but here in Texas it just isn’t cold enough for them. I am worried that my feet will be hot.

  • I’m really into the suede look right now and I like a lot of these inexpensive alternatives. I think those wedge booties you found are super cute.

  • Tania Potter

    Surekha, there are some absolutely stunning boots to choose from. We are hitting summer here so it is not the season for boot shopping, but I wish it was!

  • lexhan

    All the boots here are very nice, and they look comfy aswell. Good selection for fall.

  • Veethee Dixit

    If possible I would grab all the above mentioned boots. I am such a big fan!

  • I love wearing boots during the colder months of the year! My favorite would always be combat boots because you can wear them without hassle.

  • Fatima Ali

    Oh this post came around just in time. I am planning to buy some for myself. Will check these out.

  • Paula

    I love boots too!! every shape and colour! This year I kind of want to get a red ones, I saw so many on magazines, pinterest… that I became obsessed :P.
    I also love the military green ones that you posted, I need them all 😛

  • great post once again, boots add so much glamour to the autumn clothing along with comfort, love your choices especially #4 #7 and #8

  • I think I would have to get # 2 and # 9 because I can not decide which one I like more, they are both so beautiful! All of the other ones are great too, but if I had to narrow it down, those two would be the winners. Great post, blessings!